Putting Youth on the Map believes all people— including youth— should understand how to access data to inform community change. On this page click the dropdown menu or scroll down to

  • Find links to other online sources of youth data and youth data maps.
  • Access online tools for uploading and mapping your own data.
  • Download curricula for helping youth and other grassroots advocates learn about the power of data maps to support community change.
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Tools: Put yourself on the map

The data and maps on these websites present a very partial story about California’s youth and communities. Many challenges remain undocumented, and many resources are not reflected. Some information might be inaccurate. To fill out this picture, we need young people and youth allies to put their knowledge on the map.

Here are a variety of free websites that support people creating their own maps.

Some of these sites have examples and tutorials. Here are a few examples.


Want to orient youth and other community users to Putting Youth on the Map? The Making Youth Data Matter Curriculum 2.0 provides activities on the power of maps, the Putting Youth on the Map website and tools, and critical data consumption and mapping to support advocacy, planning and decision-making.

Looking for additional resources and opportunities to practice using our mapping tools? Check out these mapping scenarios for Putting Youth on the Map and the Regional Opportunity Index to explore data related to key issues in your community like food access and physical fitness. These activities can be used in conjunction with Module 2 of the curriculum or incorporated at any other point in your capacity-building process.

Please contact us if you have any questions about these materials or want to learn about train-the-trainer opportunities. Also send us a message to share how you use the curriculum!