About the Data

A full description of our data sources and methodology for calculating the ROI and its various components is available for here.

A full version of the data mapped on this site, including the original indicators and calculated indices, is available for download in excel format (14 MB each) for each of our datasets:
2012 | 2013 | 2014

We have the data on our Jobs-Housing Fit indicator available in excel format for all cities and census designated places for each of our datasets:
2013 | 2014

While we have selected what we believe is the best available data sources for our particular indicators, each dataset has limitations that are important to keep in mind when using them to analyze conditions in any location. Before using the data, please read the section that describes data limitations and how we have handled them in our index and indicator construction. If you discover any inaccuracies, please inform us by emailing the CRC team.

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